A duplex design for two families, each with a series of high quality, bright, ventilated and healthy spaces, has been lodged to council with construction to begin in 2015. Each duplex has its own internal courtyard with the main internal spaces openable up to it. There is the potential to create a large number of spatial configurations, making this […]

Vesna was invited by the Powerhouse Museum as one of 10 Sydney designers to Hack the Collection. This program showcases 10 objects from the Powerhouse Museum collection that have been 3D scanned and made available to 10 different designers to reinterpret and create new works. Vesna was tasked to reinterpret a male hospital bed-pan/urinal. She used […]

Vesna Trobec was invited by Elizabeth Farrelly to present her architecture work alongside Peter McGregor at Surry Hills Library in her ABOUT THE HOUSE architecture discussion series. Vesna spoke of how her work in Papua New Guinea and other influences inform her current design practice of working for her clients in Sydney. Topics covered were […]

Three of Vesna’s architecture students from the University of Sydney were amongst 10 from a cohort of nearly 200 that were selected to have their work exhibited at the Darlo Bar in Darlinghurst, Sydney. Kate Wraight, Ben Dixon, and Adam Madigan will have their work displayed at the venue throughout November. The brief was to invent and design […]

Vesna Trobec is teaching drawing for the City of Sydney at the Kings Cross Library and the Juanita Nielsen Community Centre in Woolloomooloo.  Sign up for free introductory classes (below) or the affordable short courses (details will be available soon). Drawing with Charcoal @ the Kings Cross Library (click to book for free – bookings required) […]

Vesna taught two full-day drawing classes over the weekend to community members of Inner Sydney. The goal was to teach students how they might think with the non-critical parts of their minds in order to see things more clearly as they are. Here is some of the work by the students. Also, upon student request, […]

Vesna Trobec established STUDIO TROBEC in late 2014 upon the winding down of her collaborative practice with Langzi Chiu (TROBEC – CHIU), after completing a series of built and speculative architectural projects together. STUDIO TROBEC continues to work on design projects for the home, the community, and the city. The studio is based in the suburb of Ultimo, Sydney. […]

TROBEC – CHIU is the practice of recent graduates Vesna Trobec and Langzi Chiu. Born in Slovenia and Hong Kong respectively, the two combine their distinct cultural lenses to explore alternative forms of habitation. Their time is split between teaching commitments and the shared space they occupy in a soon-to be demolished 1960s George Street […]

TROBEC – CHIU have been commissioned to design an alterations & addition at the front of an existing property in Kogarah. We will update this section as we progress through the project.

TROBEC – CHIU will soon send the design for two houses side-by-side on a triangular corner site in a northern suburb of Sydney out to council. The houses support multi-generational living, fit in beautifully with the local context, and promote a healthy lifestyle for its occupants. At the centre of each house there is a […]

The design brief was to transform the ‘closed in’ balcony of the converted apartment into an outdoor area where the surrounding views could be properly enjoyed by a father and his son. The deck creates playful seating, viewing and socialising options. There is a grand seating space (a ‘throne’) where shelter and aspect are combined […]

North Sydney Girls High School asked Vesna Trobec to be a guest speaker and jury on student projects exploring ‘Design as an Agent of Change’ due to Vesna’s history of using design for social activism. – Design is everywhere. Therefore, there is scope for invention everywhere as well. – The academically gifted Year 10 students were given exemption from […]

Albert Quizon from CHROFI and Ksenia Totoeva from Lahznimmo interviewed Vesna Trobec and Langzi Chiu as one of three young practices recently formed in Sydney. The other two were Tomahawk Archer Breakspear and Aileen Sage. It focuses on the theme of creative collaborations and spaces. The interview will be published in January 2014. Photograph by […]

Decommissioned mine sites, remnant structures and associated infrastructure can be found on almost every part of the Illawarra escarpment. These sites are an integral part of the Illawarra’s cultural heritage and carry with them an inherent sense of local pride. Their fabric and spatiality hold opportunities to become very engaging culturally activated places. Studies by […]

Vesna Trobec was both a participant and invited guest critic at Gold Medal Architect Peter Wilson’s drawing workshop on the character (and then abstraction) of Australian trees. He visited Australia from his home in Germany to run a national lecture series. These are some process drawings from the workshop.

TROBEC – CHIU received an Honourable Mention for their 2013 Open Agenda proposal: AFTER MINING, WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? Mining regeneration is a long term and delicate process that is controversial and contentious in nature. When a mine closes, it affects the local community as they may be left to deal with employment loses and relocation, […]

Vesna Trobec has been asked to teach drawing with graphite for Juanita Nielson Community Centre in Woolloomooloo & Kings Cross. Graphite will be explored as a tool that has power to engage a person with objects, people, mood, atmosphere and ideas. Drawing is one of the understated and powerful tools used by architects; one can […]

Vesna Trobec spent 3 weeks in Slovenija drawing and exploring vernacular architecture and urban & village planning. She also visited the Architecture Faculty at the University of Ljubljana to begin arrangements for an Australia-Slovenia design & research studio that she will run in 2015 taught together with Brit Andresen, which will focus on the city’s […]

TROBEC – CHIU have designed a new “house” for the Prime Minister of Australia. The form of the headland is preserved so that the rich experience of walking along its main ridge-line is not diminished; there is not a manicured green but the natural plateau lends itself as the space for outdoor functions while remaining versatile […]

TROBEC – CHIU is designing the sets for a new production by Australian actor/director/writer Nicholas Hope together with Tom A Rivard.

Langzi Chiu and Vesna Trobec have been invited to tutor in Finding Country Intensive Design Studio lead by Professor Kevin O’Brien together with Michael Tawa, Michal Muir, Rachel Couper, Paul Berkemeier, Amelia Holiday, Daniel Ryan, Glenn Hill, Dillon Kombumerri, and Rod Simpson. The course is premised on the idea of cartographically recovering Indigenous Country by selectively erasing […]

TROBEC – CHIU team up with artist and curator Bronia Iwanczak for a new public art proposal (following the success of our submission in 2011 to the City of Sydney). The artwork uses humour and personalised social engagements to target ageism within public life in Sydney city. Bronia Iwanczak is a visual artist whose mixed […]

Vesna Trobec will publicly present the work she was involved with in Papua New Guinea (2007/8 & 2012/13) as part of People Building Better Cities together with Kate Ferguson and Lauchlan Delaney. Anna Rubbo + Global Studio participants 2005-12 will address issues of international public participation processes and outcomes in achieving more equitable cities, and invite discussion […]

TROBEC-CHIU were approached by artist Julia Landrey to help her realise a concept. As a public performance platform and a play object for public use, Batty is a sculpture, a stage, and a piece of equipment for play. Julia Landrey is an artist working in performance, installation and writing.

Langzi Chiu, Vesna Trobec and Nic Moore reunite with the Finland crew (CRAFTED – 12th International Alvar Aalto Symposum) in Brisbane. Thanks to Sam Bowstead, Amy Learmonth, Gina Russell, Jane Grealy, Mick Kenniger and Brit Andresen. Pictured: photographs from Finland 2012 

TROBEC – CHIU have been commissioned to design a site specific shelter on top of a hill south of Mission Beach in Far North Queensland. Our priority is to make the basic aspects of living as enjoyable as possible: sleeping, resting, cooking, eating, washing, connecting, and hosting occasional guests. The clients want a minimal structure, […]

The brief was to replace an existing deck that had been destroyed by the growth of a tree at a preschool in Botany. The Spiral allows the tree space to continue growing as well as provides new possibilities for children to play around and interact with the tree. It is a place for new games […]

A project designed for Town Hall Square, Sydney. A collaboration between TROBEC – CHIU and artists Sarah Goffman & Bronia Iwanczak. We were selected as last-tier finalists by the City of Sydney and commissioned to develop the design. “Imagine arriving at Sydney Square and finding it scattered with oversized sculptural islands of found and collected […]

The Education Faculty at the University of Sydney commissioned us to design concepts for their new Educational Design Research Room. For what is to be an inspirational learning environment, the challenge was to create a sense of intellectual and creative freedom in a room with no windows. By abstracting ‘nature’ using light and organic form […]

As university students, Vesna Trobec and Langzi Chiu decided to work together on their graduation project, Conversations with Middle Head. The project was nominated for the Australian Institute of Architects NSW Design Medal and exhibited around Sydney at various galleries. This project marks the beginning of Langzi’s and Vesna’s professional partnership as well as outlines […]