STUDIO TROBEC presents a speculative project that re-imagines our busy and polluted roads after our need for cars has significantly decreased (some statistics state that with automated vehicles we will need only 5% of our existing cars, which will free vast amounts of space for new things to happen).

Roads could become vibrant public spaces.

Parks and footpaths could grow. Islands of new public space could sprout.

Areas could be re-claimed by pedestrians, cyclists, artists, shop-keepers, residents, and those offering to hold events.

Special places could be discovered.

SP_MAINGATEWAYLife could be breathed into areas once dominated by traffic.



Streets could become the sites for fire festivals that would bring people and communities together, and grant those eager to be creative the space that has become so scarce in the modern car-dominated world.

The following people contributed to this work in various ways:  Vesna Trobec (colour drawings & direction), Victor O Alcami (creative contribution), Michelle Sales-Valderrama (sketches), Austin Tang (computer drawings), Michael Tawa (creative contribution), Candy Royalle (site-specific art ideas), Tortuga (ideas about fire festivals and experience with activating unused streets), Kate Ferguson (tactical urbanism specialist).

Streets After Cars Part 2

NRMA report predicts autonomous cars in Australia by 2025
No Parking Here