A group of French & Australian scholars, architects and artists put together an exhibition, ‘Shifting, drifting, dribbling’, as part of Sydney Design Week.

The shared interest was in the intersection between Art, Cinema, and Architecture. Drawings, films, photographs, and texts were created that explored ‘architecture in film’ or ‘architecture of film’.

Those involved included,

  • Chris L Smith & Michael Tawa (University of Sydney)
  • Samantha Donnelly & Laurence Kimmel (University of NSW)
  • Vesna Trobec (STUDIO TROBEC)
  • Claire-Jeanne Jezequel, Geraldine Trubert, Marie Reinert (Female artists based in France who had never exhibited in Australia before)

Gallery link: http://sheffergallery.com/exhibitions/shifting,drifting,dribbling/index.html

Vesna Trobec produced the drawing ‘Drifters’; ‘The drawing begins to reveal both psychic and physical geometries that form between peoples’ bodies… Abstract forms are discovered that reflect the complexities within our thoughts and individual experiences of moving through spaces.’


Above: ‘Drifters’ by Vesna Trobec



Above: by Claire-Jeanne Jezequel





Above 3: by Samantha Donnelly