We are designing an extension to a Pettit + Sevitt architecturally designed project home conceived of by Ken Woolley AM (who, by the way, critiqued Vesna Trobec’s work when she was a Masters student at Sydney University).

When an architect designs modifications to another architects work, it takes place like a conversation. In this case, it is a non verbal conversation that is navigated through the design of connected spaces.

The existing courtyard house turns its back on half of the site, including towards a striking view into the distance. The challenge for STUDIO TROBEC is to create a better relationship to the physical site without compromising the heritage value or qualities of the original design.

Project team: Vesna Trobec, Candace C-Ching Lee, Lars Nielsen.

Some early sketch concepts:

C_Living space_31st Dec 6pm

A_Old and New_5th May 1pm_with People

B_Living space 31st Dec 6pm

B_Internal Living space 30th May 130pm