A duplex design for two families, each with a series of high quality, bright, ventilated and healthy spaces, has been lodged to council with construction to begin in 2015.

Each duplex has its own internal courtyard with the main internal spaces openable up to it. There is the potential to create a large number of spatial configurations, making this house very adaptable to all different kinds of living, including multi-generational, large and small families, and share-housing.

Also by the design of configurable inside/outside spaces we were able to create a house that feels larger than it is as the divide between what space is part of the house and what is garden is very open-ended. We have also created the condition where the users can see usable rooms beyond the courtyard, which creates a great sense of “option” with private/public space, allowing for a more healthy social environment within the house.

The design is a collaboration between Langzi Chiu and Vesna Trobec.



The plan shows the series of versatile living spaces at ground floor.

The elevation shows how the playful brick design will look from the street. The section below it shows how we have designed the roof to maximise high quality light into both homes.


We use models to help us design as well as to communicate ideas to clients.