Here are some previews from our design process during the design of the ceramics studio for an artist and her students. The design is approaching council lodgement.

The studio sits on the edge between the existing house and Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park (where the old car-port used to be), using the surrounding natural landscape from the National Park to bring inspiration inside for the artists to channel. We have achieved this through the use of “raw” and natural materials, and each students work-station has their own lift-up window that doubles as an eve while allowing students to develop direct connections to the trees beyond.

At night time, the studio is like a lantern and display-shelve windows showcase the artwork for anybody who is approaching the entry-way.

We believe that better spaces can be designed if physical models and sketches are used as design tools.

They also allow for a better conversation with our clients about their projects.

photo 2

The design is a collaboration between Langzi Chiu, Vesna Trobec, and the clients.