Vesna Trobec was invited by Elizabeth Farrelly to present her architecture work alongside Peter McGregor at Surry Hills Library in her ABOUT THE HOUSE architecture discussion series.

Vesna spoke of how her work in Papua New Guinea and other influences inform her current design practice of working for her clients in Sydney. Topics covered were the psychology of good architecture (how to create healthy spaces for the human mind and body), as well as the “mini house” and housing solutions for smaller spaces – as Australians, who have the largest houses in the world, begin to densify their living environments.

“Many people want to “do something” with their house but do not know how to go about it – who to ask, how to decide what style or brief, even whose architecture they like.

About the House is a series of monthly neighbourhood ideas forums on domestic architecture designed to allow architects and their public to talk informally about what makes a good house. Moderated by Associate Professor Elizabeth Farrelly at the Surry Hills Community Centre, About the House will, each month invite two architects to present a house or houses they have designed.”