Three of Vesna’s architecture students from the University of Sydney were amongst 10 from a cohort of nearly 200 that were selected to have their work exhibited at the Darlo Bar in Darlinghurst, Sydney.

Kate Wraight, Ben Dixon, and Adam Madigan will have their work displayed at the venue throughout November.

The brief was to invent and design a restaurant that would be placed in the Darlo Bar site. Each of the three students selected invented a complex, political, and architecturally challenging project, including a kitchen for the homeless in the community, a raw food farm/kitchen where one eats directly off the sprouting building, and a Buddhist kitchen & retreat.

“Gastronomic cultures of design – the relationship between architectural design and food is old as the first ancient hearth. The act of preparing food for the table and eating remains one of the primal rituals that underscore human existence across the globe. Food brings people together, those familiar and foreign, to share a common social bond. We eat, work, play, and sleep in ways that rehearse those same cycles of those who came before us.” – Jennifer Ferng, The University of Sydney.

Photograph by Ben Dixon.