North Sydney Girls High School asked Vesna Trobec to be a guest speaker and jury on student projects exploring ‘Design as an Agent of Change’ due to Vesna’s history of using design for social activism.

Design is everywhere.

Therefore, there is scope for invention everywhere as well.

The academically gifted Year 10 students were given exemption from normal classes to initiate social activist projects they felt passionate about.

Topics included:

  • Advertising targeting children
  • Global digital divide
  • Gender inequality in the workplace
  • Decline in face-to-face communication in the internet age
  • Ethical and social consequences of 3D printing
  • Internet addiction in children
  • Online crime
  • Online privacy threats
  • Biodiversity loss
  • The harmful effects of planned obsolescence and consumerist waste
  • Deforestation
  • Media representation of the mentally ill
  • Prisons and recidivism
  • Food wastage
  • Teenage mental health
  • Media stereotypes
  • Sexualisation of women in the media
  • Pro-euthanasia campaign
  • Loss of cultural diversity
  • Youth homelessness among those released from detention
  • Truth in advertising
  • Prevention of juvenile crime
  • Improved nutritional awareness
  • Gender stereotyping of children’s products