Decommissioned mine sites, remnant structures and associated infrastructure can be found on almost every part of the Illawarra escarpment. These sites are an integral part of the Illawarra’s cultural heritage and carry with them an inherent sense of local pride.

Their fabric and spatiality hold opportunities to become very engaging culturally activated places. Studies by Cultural Asset Mapping in Regional Australia (CAMRA) into ‘cool and creative’ places in the region further suggest that diverse vernacular forms of creativity are present in the Illawarra, with high degrees of ‘localism’ pervading the region and many respondents identifying ‘cool’ places within 5 kilometres of their home.

This response to the Illawarra Regional Strategy and Discussion Paper builds upon existing research and proposes an opportunity to initiate site-specific and ambitious developments with a long-term vision to improve the quality of life for local residents by promoting local resilience and encouraging a sustainable and high quality growth for the Illawarra region, as well as attract visitors from Sydney, Canberra and beyond.

Recreational facilities such as amphitheatres, theatres, community gardens & produce markets, galleries & museums, public parks, rock climbing centres, fishing hubs; or community facilities such as educational & science centres, retirement & healing houses, medical centres, schools & institutions, and other programs could exist within this exciting Cultural Corridor with its backdrop of the dramatic local landscape that is unique to the area, which stretches in a thin strip along the coast and is hemmed in by escarpment.

The document is a collaboration between Team-B (Karl White & Lynette Loo) and TROBEC – CHIU.

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