A project designed for Town Hall Square, Sydney. A collaboration between TROBEC – CHIU and artists Sarah Goffman & Bronia Iwanczak. We were selected as last-tier finalists by the City of Sydney and commissioned to develop the design.

“Imagine arriving at Sydney Square and finding it scattered with oversized sculptural islands of found and collected furniture and objects. Groups of everyday items are arranged in various sculptural tableaus revealing the intimate details of people’s domestic and working lives. 

What at first glance look like random piles of used materials, similar to the discarded materials left curbside on council clean up days, at second glance reveal a level of order and a sense of playfulness. The islands respond and shape the space both individually and collectively and bring life to the public space in which they inhabit. Between these islands, people will meet friends, exchange conversations, make memories and make connections with strangers. The islands will provide a place for rest, thinking, relaxing, writing and conversation. They are sturdy yet comfortable, intimate yet public, and functional yet dramatic.

Five to seven 5m x 5m amorphously shaped concrete islands will break down the mass of Sydney Square into separate more intimate environments for public use. The islands will be constructed of lost and found objects covered in concrete spray and concrete strips. To the viewer, the contrast will be profound; the concrete coating will cover familiar, tactile domestic items and turn them into permanent solid forms. Protected from the elements, they will take on the texture and colour of the urban environment that surrounds them. They are a new place for urban play.”